Painful to some, such as myself, it was announced some time ago that the jailbreaking works of guys like the Evasi0n team would come to an end for any further iOS 6 developments. That included the likes of iOS 6.1.3 which I’m on now. That was fine though, because they didn’t stop out of laziness, they stopped to sit down and work on the iOS 7 jailbreak which would soon be upon us. Whilst that left many like myself somewhat bummed, it was reassuring to hear they are starting so early on getting iOS7 under wraps.

Today, news broke of there being a possible iOS 7 jailbreak for the iPod touch. This is the first bit of JB news to hit us for the latest software efforts by the Cupertino company.

So, how do we know it has been jailbroken? Well, we don’t, technically, but if you check out the screenshot below of the activator tweak created by Ryan Petrich which looks like it’s running on the latest operating system version, then you have to ask yourself how. There really is only one answer for this, and that is that there has indeed been some JB success. As usual, though, that doesn’t mean it is close to being released to the public.

For now, it’s great to see that this has been achieved, and it’s a good step forward to finding good times ahead for users.

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