A lot of the time you can find a root guide which will work as a bit of a two for one deal where you can get the access as well as the CWM all in the one go. For the most part this is the best way to go about it if it is the root access you want. It’s easier and it’s quicker. For the odd chance that you already have opened up the ports without getting it put on this is the ticket you want to follow. There’s nothing difficult about it. Since you have already rooted, you are familiar with all the usual things like backing up. If you don’t do that it’s never too late to start. Use the SC card and a computer (it doesn’t matter if it’s Mac or Windows) and transfer the contents to there. In order to do this you will need to get your hands on the SD card reader so that the computer can understand what it’s seeing. It works much the same way as something like the Adobe reader does. With-it, you can see much using the program.

If you want to use the same card to another phone then don’t format it by using the reader. It is not necessary. If you plan on leaving it in forever and not touching it, then formatting is a good idea.

CWM Recovery

Since it’s already expected you have root access, then there is nothing wrong with you taking a Nandroid instead. There is also other ways like the popular Titanium backup or other applications like G Cloud which offers up to 1Gb of free storage. For the most part this isn’t a sufficient amount as long as you are somebody with a lot of apps. For that reason it’s advised you pay the fee for something like Titanium instead or one of the others like Helium premium or MyBackUp Pro. These apps come in at around $5 but it’s money well spent.

If you are into installing custom ROMs after rooting your mobile phones, then you will need to install a custom recovery to do so.

Make sure the device is already rooted. You will need the device opened up before you can install the ClockworkMod Recovery on it. If you haven’t done that on the Amaze 4G yet, you can do so by following this guide.

Don’t start on the procedure unless you have these three things already. They are vital to have done first:

– Have around 80% of the battery left.
– USB drivers need installing before you start.
– Root access must already be on the phone.
– USB debugging mode needs enabling.

The procedure:

Step 1. Download the ROM manager from this link I have provided.

Step 2. Open it up as you would with any other app. Inside the application will be an option called flash ClockworkMod Recovery. Click on this.

Step 3. The next screen will show a list of devices. Search using the scroll feature to find yours in question. Go ahead and select your device from this list. It will be there.

Step 4. It will now present one more screen for you to make sure you are happy with your choice. Confirm this one last time so that it is OK with it.

If you want to improve the Amaze performance then this is the right way to go about it. Even though this is an easy installation for the recovery image via an application, it will still void your warranty. Many of you might not have one already because you knew you were about to play around with it. Another would have already voided it anyway when they modified it. For all of you there is nothing new here to learn.


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