Would you be surprised if we told you that the SGH-i337 was first shown off at the FCC? You hopefully aren’t because we catch a lot of great things on that show. It’s a phone that you won’t find a lot of news on simply because there isn’t any. It wasn’t a global release because AT&T is only a U.S. phone carrier and this version went exclusively to them.

This handset is rather historic for the Android fans because it came about at the same time as the Key Lime Pie rumors. That famous American pie was rumored the next Android software coming out. However, that never happened, and fans were disappointed to see an Android 4.3 under the same Jelly Bean instead of another build. As it turns out,. Google decided to scrap the name Key Lime Pie all together and go with KitKat because the chocolate treat is available right around the world whereas the pie is an American exclusive.

So what’s in store for this UCUAMF3 build?

This is a somewhat minor update, however still worth a mention as it is the same day that Sprint are planning to bring out an update. This particular update by AT&T will bring a couple of cool new features like the enabling of LTE bands 2 & 5 NFC. It will also bring a bunch of bug fixes with it. We are able to create the guide for this later in the day if you want to hook up your mobile with it.

If you noticed any bugs in your current firmware version, such as WI-Fi issues and/or rebooting issues, then you’ll want to get stuck into this one for that reason alone, even if new features don’t bother you too much. Unfortunately, these bugs are always there in the short-term, and the updates are the only known cure.

The number given in the title is the baseband version of the mobile.