A new version of iTunes was released today, October 4. This new iTunes 11.1.1 build is downloaded on both the Windows PC and Mac computers, like always.

iTunes as a whole still plays an important part in Apple’s ecosystem. It is the central hub to many of its things, not only music related. Since 2012, it has seen some really drastic changes to its look and layout. This update won’t get anywhere near some of the big changes we saw in the iTunes 10.o overhaul. This update is more just for minor error fixes and things of that nature like stability improvements.

This year did have its own major update to iTunes in the 11.1 version released at the WDC 2012 event. It brought along some cool features to it like the new Radio service that has recently moved its way over to Apple TV in its latest upgrade that took part only a few weeks ago.

It is tempting to just not update iTunes when it pops up on your machine. This is especially true if you are on a Windows PC and running an older version such as XP. It can really cause the system to slow down and all you want to do is click the X button and get rid of it. However, it is always best to just simply upgrade what is telling you to because it will bring in better smoothly updates that will cut this kind of lag in the future.

If you have already taken away the option which would have let you upgrade, or you have this turned off and you can simply open up any browser on your computer and type in this URL — — to get yours downloading.

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