The iPhone probably isn’t the ideal device for gaming as it stands, mainly because its screen has been smaller than its competitors for the last few years. However, if you’re an Apple fan then you probably went out and got the new iPhone, even if you are a gamer. With all that being said, this next bit of news may interest you immensely: The iPhone 5C has had motion sensor issues, and thus, leading to a bad gaming experience for many because of poor calibration.

The 64-bit A7 processor, which was such a big deal, and frankly for good reason, because it blows the current competition to smithereens, has another part in it called the M7. It is this that makes up the motion sensor inside of the iPhone.

The motion Sensor was a big deal to Apple’s technology because it assisted in many things. With it you could use added fitness apps that recorded what you did and things of that nature. In the real world, there is purely a market that has dedicated gadgets for this type of thing alone. If Apple had pulled this off, it could have simply taken away all that market.

Currently, there is no estimation on how many of the new iPhone’s are affected, or if there is any plan in place to get it fixed. Users should be wary of statistics that the iPhone is dishing out as potentially incorrect. They aren’t completely irrational, but they may be displayed as slightly out of whack.

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