The Itel 1701 is a smartphone that runs Android 4.4 Kitkat out of the box. This version of Android was outstanding for its time, but it is not comparable to the most recent versions. Since the apps Itel 1701 owners use are often optimized to run on the latest versions of Android, it can sometimes lead to crashes and freezes on the older Android versions. There’s nothing you can do to upgrade to one of the latest versions of Android on an Itel smartphone that was not manufactured to support them. But you can take a hard reset to try to solve any lockups and hope that they don’t reoccur again.

The following tutorial demonstrates how to hard reset the Itel 1701 smartphone so you can restore it to its factory defaults.

How to Hard Reset/Factory Reset Itel 1701 Smartphones

You can apply the hard reset/factory reset from the Itel 1701 smartphone’s bootloader menu. Here is how you can do that:

1. Hold down the Power button to turn off the Itel 1701 smartphone.

2. Restart the Itel 1701 smartphone holding the Power + Volume Up buttons simultaneously for around three seconds.

3. Let go of the two buttons you were holding when you see the Android Recovery menu.

4. Use the Volume buttons to scroll through the list and select Wipe data/factory reset, and then confirm your selection by pressing the Power button.

5. When it asks if you want to Wipe all user data? This CANNOT BE UNDONE!, use the Volume buttons to select Yes, and then press the Power button to confirm the command.

6. Wait until you get a message at the bottom of the display that says something akin to … Set Factory Reset done … Data wipe complete.

7. When you get back to the Android Recovery screen again, use the Volume buttons to scroll through the list and select Reboot system now, and confirm your selection by pressing the Power button.

8. Once the operating system restarts, you can start using the device again if you like.

That’s all.