mp3juices.ccThe domain is a reliable website for downloading MP3 files. We have checked the entire domain and there is no known malware. We used Malwarebytes and VirusTotal for our scans. We also tried browsing the domain with the Malwarebytes Browser Guard and it did not block the domain or flag it as a compromised site. When you put all this information together, it means you can use safely.

There are many sites like in existence. For example, we recently reviewed and Most of them are reliable but suffer from the same problem which is it’s not that the founders are deploying malware or have compromised sites by malware but rather the ethics behind what the sites do is questionable and subsequently they likely cannot sign up for reliable and high-quality ad networks. For instance, there’s no way any of these sites could sign up to Google ad networks and display Google ads. virus is another similar site to We don’t know if they’re owned by the same people but they do a similar thing. And when we scan the domain with Malwarebytes and Virus Total it comes up clean; there is no virus/malware. Moreover, when we browse the domain with the Malwarebytes Browser Guard, it does not say the site has been compromised.

In conclusion, many people and even some review sites assume the and domains to be unsafe. One of the reasons for this could be due to their ethics rather than how safe the site is itself. When we browsed the and domains, there was no sign of any malware. That said, we cannot be sure of any external links on those domains; we only assess internal links, which means it’s possible some of their ads could be untrustworthy.