We are now less than a week away from the big day Apple has booked two (presumably) show their new iPhones in the range, the iPhone 5S and 5C. Many people choose to close their eyes so the moment isn’t ruined, whilst others can’t click the links quick enough to get a glimpse of what is soon to be. Whatever group you fall into you can’t deny that they exist, and by they, I mean leaks.

Today it’s the much talked about home button which has been leaked. That might not sound like much of a big deal, however, upon closer inspection it could be massive. The reason being is because it’s subject to the much talked about fingerprint scanner which is included in the iPhone 5S. If it is included then most likely it will be built into the Home button, so let’s take a look.

If you take a look, this is what this years underside will look like which is drastically different from any of the previous iPhones. Taking a look at what we are seeing it would seem that rumors are true as this appears to be, without a doubt, a fingerprint sensor installed as hardware which will be underneath the visible home button we see from the outside view.

What about the authenticity of the image? It’s been allegedly brought out by Sonny Dickson, who is no stranger to leaking Apple bits and pieces a source confirms. On that note we can go ahead and so it is a legit picture and a great deal cleaner than any previous leak we have seen on this matter.

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