Here’s some interesting news that will have many scratching their heads: Apple is planning on holding a separate event in China about 9 hours after the iPhone 5S and 5C is presumed to be launched.

For a while now it’s been known that Apple will be holding the event for the new range of iPhones on the 10th of September. Now, though, it’s what almost seems not enough hours for the Apple team to even sleep, word has broken by the Cupertino company holding another event specifically for the Chinese 9 hours later what will be September the 11th.

As of now nobody has any idea why this might be. About the only rumor available now on the matter is that it won’t be from another device at all, but rather to simply introduce the budget iPhone 5C to China in a more in-depth manner, hoping that it appeals to many people.

This could be argued, however, because if we go back to the start of this year it was reported that Apple did indeed have 3 devices in the works which could be revealed this year. Could this be the mystery third device previously reported?

If we were to guess we would probably say the first case scenario is more likely than not the go here. The reason being that China is hell-bent on accepting cheaper devices. They’re a place that can see a mobile device revealed — such as the other day — without even revealing to the world what type of OS it will have. A stark contrast to that of the western world, where specifics are of the utmost importance.

If the budget variant of the iPhone were to be successful in China, figures like 10 million units won’t be far from a realistic figure for sales. That’s something Apple are most certainly going to target when they can. That time seems like now.

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