For those of you who follow Apple’s work closely, you may be aware of a new app called iMovie. iMovie made its way to the app store 5 days ago, according to the Google SERPs results and inside it states something very interesting in the information section — it’s apparently optimized for iPhone 6.

Do they know something we don’t know? That is currently the question being passed around today from many people who have had this shown to them.

This news is sending some in a frenzy and thinking that the iPhone is passing up on what would have presumably been the iPhone 5S, but we say not so fast.

For one, this is just an app that really has no insight into Apples working at all. Secondly, an Apple representative come out today, whether it’s related or not, and stated that the S in the iPhone’s names stands for standard. That would make sense because we know that the S model is always of the same shape with a new feature. The new number model has the new shape, or not so standard as it would seem.

So what do we know about this up and coming iPhone, no matter the name? We know that keeping the same shape from all leaks we have witnessed. We know that it is coming with a new feature in the cool fingerprint scanner. Essentially, we already know this is a standard iPhone coming out way, which will most likely be called the iPhone 5S.

How do we explain the iMovie quote? It could simply be a typo. Maybe it was for attention. Whatever it turns out to be, we are very skeptical that it is anything worth looking into any further.

Update: The iMovie app has since altered the name to iPhone 5.

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