The USB (universal serial bus) is a technology that was developed for the purpose of allowing a person to connect an electronic device to a computer. While things like Bluetooth technology are ideal for connecting without any cables, some things need doing that technology like Bluetooth cannot handle such as flashing stock ROMs via a flashing tool. All of this stuff that your mobile devices like the Motorola Moto X Style need are going to have to be done over the USB technology.

You already know the USB cable that connects the device to the computer, but you might not understand that the USB cable also needs the USB Drivers installed on the computer before that cable can be of any use. Sometimes the device drivers can help with transferring the data enough while other times you need to install the USB drivers manually for the device before the USB cable is useful. For example, anyone looking to do some developing will likely need to install the Motorola USB Drivers on the computer for the Moto X Style smartphone first.

Moto X Style

Installing the Motorola Moto X Style USB Drivers on a computer running Windows operating systems

1. Click the link to the Motorola custom help page and you can see the same image as below. Click on the red button that says Download for Windows to download your driver package to the computer.


2. You can see it downloading above the taskbar. Wait for that download to finish before you click it.

3. Click on the file once you can see the following.


4. It opens up the Motorola Device Manager page. Click on the Next button to install the Motorola Device Manager which comes with your USB Drivers for you.


5. Make sure you agree to the terms and conditions and then click on the Install button.


6. The Motorola Device Manager is now installing. Do not touch anything until it is complete.


7. Click on the Close button as soon as you can see the congratulations message that is letting you know that the Motorola Device Manager installation was a success and is now complete.


8. If you are running Windows 10, you can see it available from the Recently Added section in the left pane from the Start menu.


9. Everyone else can find it available from the Downloads folder.


10. Once you click on the file for the Motorola Device Manager, it installs the drivers for you.


In conclusion, that is how to install the Motorola USB Drivers for the Motorola Moto X Style smartphone. You can connect the Moto X Style phone to the computer with the USB cable, and you should have no worries transferring the data or being a developer.