The Freedom custom ROM comes with a great big bald eagle on the logo so there’s little guess where this ROM originates — that’s if the name didn’t give it away already. The Freedom ROM for your Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone will update it to the Android 5.0 Lollipop and does a pretty decent job of removing the Samsung stock applications most people do not want. The Freedom ROM is also tweaked by the developers to give you the best RAM optimization possible. Like you know, the better your RAM is optimized, the better performance you will get from your smartphones.


Files You Need

  • Download the Freedom custom ROM file from here.
  • The instructions in this guide and written with the assumption you are running the TWRP Recovery for a custom recovery. Furthermore, they were written assuming you are using a Windows operating system. You can use other mobile and computer operating systems for the guide, but the steps and wording may be subject to change.

Installing the Freedom custom ROM on the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5

  1. Download the Freedom ROM file from the link above and copy the file over to the desktop of the computer.
  2. Connect the Big Red’s Samsung Galaxy S5 to the computer with the USB cable.
  3. Copy the Freedom ROM file over to the internal storage SD card on your S5 device and make sure it’s in the topmost folder. (Do not hide the file in any of the sub folders you might have or else you will not find the file again later.)
  4. Unplug your smartphone from the computer and the USB cable.
  5. Long-press the Power button or select ‘Switch Off’ from the Device Options menu to turn off the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone completely.
  6. Reboot holding the hardware key combination for recovery mode and it will boot up your choice of custom recovery.
  7. Choose the ‘Backup’ option from the menu and it will take a complete backup of your data using the NANDroid backup feature.
  8. Tap on the wiping button from the main recovery menu and it will wipe your data and apply a factory reset.
  9. Tap on the installing button from the main recovery menu and it will let you browse the SD card for the Freedom custom ROM zip file.
  10. Follow the prompts to install your new Freedom ROM on the smartphone.
  11. Choose the option that is for rebooting the system from the main recovery menu once you have the new ROM loaded.

In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone will now reboot back in normal mode and you will see the Freedom custom ROM starting to boot and not your normal stock ROM. The Freedom custom ROM will always keep booting up now on your device until you choose to flash the stock ROM or other custom ROMs in the future. Your stock ROMs can be flashed using the Odin flashing tool and the custom ROM can be flashed using the same method as above.