Samsung Galaxy Note 3 owners can update to Android 5.0 Lollipop thanks to this custom ROM that requires root access. All those of you looking for official Android software must look away now because it’s as unofficial here as it gets. That said, it does offer much of what the real Lollipop from Mountain View has to offer. Likewise, the ROM is stable and works fine for your daily phone if you don’t have a secondary option at the minute.

Android 5.0 Lollipop comes with loads of amazing features including notification controls with a “do not disturb” feature called interruptions, Tap and Go for NFC, Ambient display, new Android Beam, screen pinning, new printing user interface, guest accounts, multiple user accounts, smart lock, smart lock with trusted places, Google Chrome from the app switcher, a new Flappy Bird rip-off Easter Egg and more. You’ll get a custom ROM based on the Lollipop ROM, but also with some obvious changes.

CyanogenMod 12

We are displaying a list of the essentials for those who don’t indulge in installing unofficial Android software. Advanced Android users may skip ahead to the steps if they fee like they know what they are doing and don’t need any guidance.

  • Make sure you only use this guide on the LTE variant of the Note 3. Turn on the device and navigate to the Settings, followed by About Device and check is says the model number is N9005. If the model is a different variant that means this is not the guide for you.
  • You’ll need root access with a custom recovery installed before you can follow the steps. Both root access and installing a custom ROM void the devices warranty. You cannot take your device for repairs unless you revert back to stock.
  • You can anytime take off root access by using an application such as root checker and unroot pro. You may find alternate ways of unrooting the phone from sources such as XDA developers. That’s where third-party developers hand out and post about similar tools. Premium applications that make you life easier come at a cost.
  • You need a computer to complete the following. We are transferring files over to the SD card. You should always transfer the files from a computer to the phone, phablet or tablet first. It’s the safest way.
  • Furthermore, you ought to stop any security programs running on the computer. Usually people have antivirus software running. That needs stopping until you leave here.
  • Don’t forget to turn the antivirus protections on before browsing the internet after you leave here. You may find malware, spyware or a Trojan Horse on your computer if you are browsing the web unprotected.
  • Correspondingly, you should stop any security applications running on the Android device. Some people prefer using antivirus for Android too because they don’t want to trust apps from Google Play.
  • Backup the Galaxy Note 3 using ClockworkMod. Download the ROM Manager application from the Google Play Store. Open the tool, pick the “flash ClockWorkMod Recovery” option and tap the “Backup Current ROM” option from the list. Alternatively, you may backup the device any way you prefer.
  • Backup the EFS folder. You can use the Samsung EFS backup apps from Google Play. Now you have a spare copy of the EMEI number for when it’s wiped. You must have root access to install the application.
  • Stopover at the Developer Options menu and enable USB Debugging Mode. You can’t connect to the computer unless you allow the permissions.
  • Install the up to date USB drivers from the official Samsung website, by installing Samsung Kies or by downloading them from a third-party source. You can always tell if your drivers are working by accessing the phone data from the computer. If you are opening the pictures without any worries, you know the drivers are working.
  • You lose all the data and ROM unless you backup before starting.

How to update the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with custom Android 5.0 Lollipop with CM12 ROM

  1. Download the CM12 ROM package here.
  2. Download the suitable Google Gapps package here.
  3. Connect the Note 3 to the computer using the USB wire.
  4. Transfer the files to the internal storage on the mobile device.
  5. Do not unzip the files yet.
  6. Turn off the phone.
  7. Reboot it up in the custom recovery.
    – follow the key sequence or use the app.
  8. Choose to selecting “wipe data/factory reset” from in recovery mode.
  9. Select ‘wipe cache partition,” followed by “wipe dalvik cache.”
  10. Go back and select “install from SD card.”
  11. Select “choose zip from SD card.”
  12. Upload the CM12 custom ROM zip file.
  13. Follow the same steps for uploading the Gapps.
  14. Confirm you are flashing both packages.
  15. Select “reboot system now” from the main recovery menu.

You are running the latest CM12 custom ROM on Android 5.0 Lollipop once it reboots.

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