The European Samsung Galaxy S5 is witnessing a new Android 5.0.1 update that brings in several bug fixes and improvements over the first 5.0.1 update. The new build number is FXXU1BNL7 and you can read all about the OTA here. Android Lollipop comes with many amazing features including the new Material Design UI, material Design app drawer, Android RunTime, smart notifications with masses of new notification features, added security and more mainstream features. It also comes with many hidden features you might still be learning including double tap to wake, using the “Ok Google” functionality to wake the Android device, Guest Mode, Silencing annoying applications from notifications, disable interruptions, a new torch from the Quick Settings similar to Apple iOS 8, lock screen notifications and more.

Even though the G900FXXU1BNL7 firmware comes with mainly stability improvements and fixes for existing bugs, you can use some of that knowledge to enhance your Lollipop experience. Hopefully you learnt at least one extra feature that you didn’t already know about.

Android Lollipop

Now I will run you through a list of the essentials. You should read over the dot-points before starting the steps. Advanced Android users can skim over the writing, as you likely have been through this before. However, new people should learn things like what they need before starting, what the dangers are involved,  if they want to go through with the installation and more.

  • Only use the guide for the G900F variant of the S5. You find the model number by turning on the display, navigating to the Settings followed by About Device. here you will see several pieces of key information and one of those is the model.
  • Installing the file on a different model number can potentially harm your device. It’s best to wait for official firmware files to release for your model than trying to install other versions on your device.
  • The official OTA update is rolling out with the same for Europe. that means you can wait for the automatic update to complete its staged roll out instead of updating manually using a guide such as this.
  • Use the manual installation if you want to skip the waiting process, or if you have root access.
  • Those with root access do not want to accept over the air notifications, even if they appear on your display. It can soft-brick the device.
  • Likewise, if you do have root access it is likely revoked by installing official firmware. You will wipe the custom ROM and other custom data.
  • The following is an official firmware release by the manufacturer. Therefore, you trust this source as much as any other.
  • Temporarily disable the security programs from the computer. That way it doesn’t interfere with the Odin application. Do the same from the Android apps on your device too. Some people install apps so they don’t download malware from Google Play.
  • We recommend you back up the existing data such as phone contacts, call logs, pictures, music, video, SMS texts and all other data you don’t want to risk losing such as phone contacts.
  • Official firmware doesn’t automatically delete data unless something goes wrong. Sometimes you may be forced to apply the factory reset. The data keeps sitting on the internal memory. Only the current ROM is wiped during the reset. that’s why you don’t need to have the external SD card.
  • There are many ways for backing up data. You can use the options available from the S5 Settings. Moreover, you may download different free applications such as G Cloud Backup, Ultimate Backup, Helium, App backup & Restore, Easy backup and more. All of those are up for grabs from Google Play without any money down.
  • You can find premium versions of some applications that unlock premium features such as setting times for backups automatically so you don’t have to manually. However, premium features come at a cost.
  • Furthermore, you can back up the data by syncing the S5 with Samsung Kies 3. Kies 3 is the latest version that’s compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S5.
  • You must install the up to date USB Drivers. You may install the drivers from third-party sources, the official Sammy website or from Kies 3.
  • If you are using Kies, you should disable the program before starting up the Odin application.

How To Update To Android 5.0 XXU1BNL7 Android 5.0.1 On Galaxy S5 G900F:

  1. Download the G900FXXU1BNL7 5.0.1 firmware zip file here.
  2. Download a suitable version of the Odin application here.
  3. Have the Odin app running on your computer.
    – leave it open because we are coming back to it later.
  4. Turn on the S5 in download mode.
  5. Hold the Volume Down + Home + Power buttons until you see the warning message and then let go.
  6. Find the USB cable.
  7. Connect the wire to the computer and the phone.
  8. Wait for the Odin app to change the color of the ID: COM port.
  9. Wait for the app to send out the ‘added’ message.
  10. Don’t alter any of the default settings from Odin.
  11. Upload the tar.md5 file through the AP button.
  12. Click the Start button when you are ready for the flashing to begin.
  13. Do not touch any buttons until you see a “pass” message on the screen and the ID: COM port changing colors once more.
  14. Disconnect the device safely by pressing the “safely remove hardware” button.

Don’t panic if your device is having problems. It’s rare to experience any serious problems. Most issues are fixed by applying a hard reset. You can do the same by installing the Simple Factory Reset app from Google Play.