Your Samsung Galaxy S4 Canadian version just got a new custom ROM – Slim LP Alpha 1 based on Android 5.0 Lollipop. It will give your phone a new interface and performance. To install this ROM read this whole article.

Installing custom ROMs like this is an illegal process to perform on you device. This process is not recommended by Google or Samsung cause this process is risky as well as illegal as this process may brick your phone if you don’t apply the steps correctly. This process also voids your phone’s warranty so next time when you take your phone to service center will cost you for assistance.

Android Lollipop

Slim ROM is yet another team on third party developers like Cyanogen Mod which makes custom ROM for many devices. This Alpha 1 custom ROM has features and interface like Android 5.0 Lollipop and have tweaked by Slim ROM team for performance. The following custom ROM is very much lite and fast. If you want some change on your Galaxy S4 or want to show off among friends then you should try this custom ROM on your phone.

Google recently released Android 5.0 Lollipop which is the latest version of android anybody can use. The Lollipop version has changed notification bar, lock screen, app drawer, app icons and much more. This version is lite and fast also, will give you much RAM to multitask on your device. Some great features like fast charging, smooth interface, material design, and many more comes with this version of android. If you are going to use this Lollipop for the first time, you will surely get in love with this.

You should backup all of the phones data such as the phone contacts before installing this custom ROM on your Galaxy S4 Canadian version because we will wipe all the data stored in internal memory of your phone. You can sync all of your contacts to Google account . You should also backup all of your media files like photos, videos, music and doc files to your PC or any other external drive. You can also move these files to your phone’s SD card as this process won’t alter the data stored there. You can also backup your important apps using Titanium Backup app available on Google Play Store and restore them back using this app (this app needs root to perform its task).

Your Galaxy S4 should have root access by unlocking the system internals and a custom recovery (TWRP recommended) should be installed. A custom recovery will provide us an environment to flash zip files to your phone. With custom recovery you can tweak your phone’s performance and interface your way. Root access on your phone is important cause we are going to alter system files during this process.

Go beyond this point only if you have read all the article above this otherwise you can’t claim us if anything wrong happens your device.

Steps to install Slim-LP 5.0.2 Alpha ROM on your Galaxy S4 Canadian Version

  1. Download Slim-LP custom ROM zip file from here.
  2. Download G Apps zip file from here.
  3. Transfer both downloaded zip files to your phone’s SD card via USB cable. Unplug your phone after this transfer. Download these files directly from your phone to skip this step.
  4. Reboot your phone to recovery mode by turning your phone off completely then power it on by pressing power key, volume up key and home key together, when you see Samsung logo leave the buttons.
  5. In recovery mode tap on “Backup” then confirm this step.
  6. Come back to main menu then tap on “wipe” then confirm this step.
  7. On main menu and tap on “install” then “choose zip from SD card” then browse through your phone’s SD card and select the Slim ROM Alpha 1 zip file and confirm this step.
  8. Now install Google Apps zip file as you installed the ROM zip file ( like in step 7).
  9. Finally tap on “Reboot” then “System” this will reboot your device normally.

You phone will reboot normally to new installed ROM and soon you will see welcome screen from here you can attach your Google account with you phone and use your device normally. If your phone stuck in boot loop then force shut down your phoe by removing battery then boot to recovery and repeat the whole process again.

Do share your experience with us and any query should be posted with in the comment section below. I’ll be happy and try reply you ASAP.