If you’re up for a bit of fun, here’s something really cool you can try out. As you all know, the 4.3 is out, however, that doesn’t mean it’s out for all devices. As usual the CyanogenMod team have been hard at work trying to get it running on as many devices as they can.

After covering a whole bunch of final version 10.1, now we are seeing the 10.2 version coming out! Here you can try a brand new CM10.2 experimental version which is based on the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.


It comes as somewhat of a surprise this early because Android 4.3 is being said to come with added security, making hacking a real pain and harder than before. This all comes as a big shock to me and I’ll have to look more into it. Android has always been known for not disliking hacking, in fact, many of the guys enjoy it themselves.

  • As for this custom ROM, it too has a few surprises in store. It is not a complete version, and as such, it has many problems and bugs. Not too much to stay away from it though. If anything does go wrong, you will have to re-install the stock firmware on the device. That’s basically the worse case scenario. What could go wrong? Things like apps playing up and functionality issues. Or even worse, boot loops are a possibility. There’s all the normal warning involved here. It is a custom ROM and not official which means it will void warranties simply leaving it as is.
  • Your smartphone must be rooted in order to run any type of Custom firmware or ROM. Furthermore, since you have unchained the OS already we recommend taking a full NANDroid backup. The NANDroid will create a restore point from the ROM that is operating on the phone. That way we can go back and access that point and data before we run into trouble. It works similar to the restoring from Windows PC.  In case you do not want to use this tool, try using Titanium backup from the Play Store. if you don’t have root access yet try out helium instead.
  • Make sure you have enough battery power to see out the steps. We do not want the phone shutting down because the battery run out before we finish. Turn the handset on and look at the status bar to verify the amount from the battery icon. We want at least 50 % charge.
  • You should know that rooting and unlocking the operating system to greater things such as custom firmware voids all manufacturers warranty. That means you cannot take it in for repairs unless you return back to stock firmware first. That is how we get rid of the root access. returning to stock software will return the flash counter and the warranty works again.
  • You’re not expected to lose data doing this. That said, we always encourage safe behavior and that equals doing a back up just to be sure. If something goes wrong here don’t blame us.

How To Flash Android 4.3 Jelly Bean CM 10.1 Experimental ROM on the Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300

1. Download the CM10.2 Android 4.3 ROM and Google Apps.

2. Connect the S3 I900 to the computer.

3. Copy and paste the file (without extracting it) over to the mobiles SD card.

4. Power it down and disconnect from the computer now.

5. Boot it into recovery and do the usual wipe data/factory reset option, wipe cache partition as well as wipe dalvik cache. The last one is optional, however, I say just do it. The last thing you need is to add more risk. Failing to do so basically increases the chance of things not performing smoothly, which is something we want to decrease.

6. Head back out of there and go to the main recovery screen. Select install from SD card and select the 4.3 ROM zip file. Proceed with installing it.

Now do the same thing for the Google Gapps pack.

Wait for it to finish. It can take some time. Don’t be worried. Once it is done, you will need to press the go back button and then select to reboot the system. Now it’s going to boot back up with the new goods installed. The first time boot process here can take around 5 minutes so be patient. It will only be like this for the first time.

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