The Storex eZee tab 702 is another great tablet available in the Android range. This one hails from the France region and has a following. One thing I immediately noticed was I didn’t recognize the name, and thus had trouble with locating USB drivers. We would normally have a link followed through where you grab them. This is normally required for connecting the device to the computer. If you come across an issue where it’s just not letting you do what you want to do, there’s a really good chance that is why. If you can’t find the drivers drop us a comment or hit up our social media and we’ll look into it for you.

This manual we have here for you today is only to be used for the Storex tablet and not another. Take this advice very seriously because if you don’t, you may end up doing huge amounts of harm like bricking it. This is the worst case scenario and being a smaller device, there may not have been any developers that have gone ahead to make a method to fix this. That is always a danger for the lesser known tablets.

Ezee Tab

Details of Note

  • If you want any advice from us, it would be back up your device before continuing. Many people fall victim to not doing this out of laziness, but once you learn how to do it, it will be a walk in the park for future times. In most cases there will be something prompting you to do this when you plug it into the computer. Because all devices vary in the ways you will have to check your booklet or browse the web for this kind of information. Just remember that there is two different types of SD card backups — the internal and the external. It’s the internal one that is by far the easiest to work with. Backup the data and sync the contacts using Helium for Android from the Google Play store. Use SMS backup to make copies of the text messages.
  • Verify the USB Debugging mode is enabled from the Developer Options menu.
  • Install the USB Drivers that are up to date.
  • Make sure you don’t have any steps mist in the process. Be extra careful with the smaller tablets like I mentioned because it can be harder to find information to fix this compared to others like flagships phones that are used by many people. The more people who use it generally the more help you will be able to find along the way because there will have been people attempting to do the same things as you. There will also have been the same struggles more than likely.
  • When you plug it in via the cable it will either recognize the device as connected or it won’t. If it does not see this, then that concludes you need to update the USB drivers. This can always be obtained by visiting the official website that manufactures your goods. Along the same lines you will need to turn on USB Debugging option from the settings app on the eZee Tab so that it can be recognized. Check this before you assume it is the drivers you need. These two things must meet up and work at the same time.

How To Root The eZee Tab 702

1. Download the Root Package and extract the files.

2. From the extracted contents you need to look for the root.bat file which is inside. Once located run it by double clicking on it.

3. You will now be presented with some on-screen instructions. Follow them.

You should now have root access.

If the link is not working it means that this package has no longer been made available. Because it was the same package being used by every site that we could find, there is no other solution that we know of. Search around for any developers hasn’t given us any luck either. There’s a chance that the link may just be offline for the time being as a pose to being completely disconnected. If that is the case, then we can expect to see it working again in a short amount of time with a bit of luck.

Download the Root Checker application from Google Play to verify the achievement.