Instagram is an android photo editing application that will help you edit your photographs in a much better way. The application is not merely an editor but more like a social networking application. The overwhelming usability has made the application very popular among Android and iOS users. That might be you thinking, is it possible to get Instagram for Windows 7 Computer? Sure it is.

Here are some of the most exciting features of Instagram that will make you install Instagram for Windows 7 Computer:

Editing Tools: The application has editing tools that help you add various effects to your image and make the images better looking and more beautiful that the original image.

Social Media Sharing: You can easily share your edited images to various social networking sites. Apart from this feature, the application itself can act as a social networking site. The application will let you images updated by other users and like them.

Shared Concept: The concept of sharing images on Instagram will help you get familiar with many photographic techniques used by millions of users. Doing so will help you get ideas to edit your images in your unique ways.

Method to Run Instagram on Windows 7 Computer

  • There are different ways to download Instagram for Windows 7 Computer, and the easiest method is given below.
  • Since Instagram is specially programmed to run on mobile platforms, you need a program called BlueStacks to get Instagram for Windows 7 Computer. You can download this software from their site. Once you have the BlueStack set up a file on your computer run and install it like any other program for PC.

How to Download Instagram for Windows 7 Computer

  1. You need to get the apk file for Instagram from Google Play Store. Now, you will need to open the Instagram apk file using the BlueStacks application that you have already installed on your computer. Follow the below-given steps for installation.
  2. Right, click on the Instagram apk file that you have downloaded and open the same through the BlueStacks.
  3. Check the option “Always use the selected program to open this file kind of file.” That will make BlueStack the default program to open all Android application on your PC.
  4. That will trigger the installation process and the same will be completed automatically.
  5. A confirmation message will appear after the installation procedure is completed.
  6. Restart your computer if prompted.

Now that you have installed Instagram for Windows 7 Computer, you can launch the BlueStacks application from your desktop by double-clicking on the BlueStacks icon. You will be able to see the Instagram icon on the application menu of BlueStack click open Instagram and enjoy the Instagram on your Windows 7 Computer, as you never have.
With over 100 million active users in 2013, the application has carried image editing and sharing to a brand new level. There are similar applications that are released every day, but none of them can offer the simplicity and convenience that Instagram can. That is the reason why Instagram for Windows 7 Computer too, became popular.

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