Music has now become a part of everyone’s life. Whether it is an office or home, everyone likes to listen to music. Sometimes, while traveling, we hear many types of songs, pop, remix, etc. If the song is that amazing, then we would surely like to have it in our music player. But, sometimes we are unable to identify the song by listening to a portion of it. At that time, an Android App comes in use.

Shazam – Identify The Playing Songs
Shazam is a great Android App for your Android Device. It lets you identify any playing song. Suppose, a song is playing on TV, and you don’t know the song or movie name, then you can use Shazam to identify it. Shazam has millions of tracks on his servers. Therefore it can identify almost any song. To use Shazam, just download it from the Android Market and install on your device. Then, open the app on your Android device hit the big S button. Let Shazam listen to the song, after a while; it will send the recorded song to its servers and then will present you with the song name as well as movie name. In addition to identifying the song, it also displays the relevant links to the song, e.g., YouTube clip for that song, etc. Shazam is a Free Android App and works on any Android device. Use the link below to download it.

Download: Shazam for Android

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