Since the launch of the Android, Geeks around were working out to bring new utilities every day to the users. These apps mostly help you to retouch your smartphone and to make it as per your imagination. You have a large variety of apps to choose from since the market is loaded with tons of hundreds of apps. There are fun apps, photo editing apps, themes, and widgets. The first thing to start customizing your Android smartphone is to start with the Themes and Widgets. These both are the ones which define the appearance of your phone. Themes usually have visual styles and wallpapers; thus a single click will take your smartphone into an entirely new world and reversing back is also a click away. Widgets show the information about any particular thing, like a Clock widget, shows the current time and a social app shows current activity on your social network profiles.

There are thousands of themes available for free to choose for your phone. Installing the themes is easier, but a simpler way to do so is to use a utility that does the entire job for you. Go Launcher EX is an app that is just built to fulfill your customization needs. With this app installed on your phone, you are just a few steps away from having a personalized theme or a widget. It provides the options to add or remove the themes and widgets, so one more star to the app.

To explain the features, it allows you to change the transition of home screen . Hence you just tap on the screen, and a different transition would take you to the other home screen. Besides, you can change the icon of the apps and remove unwanted apps that you do not need any longer. The great thing you will find with this app is, there are so many themes available in the Android Market that are available to use with this app. So, you won’t need to hunt for the themes anywhere else and a simple search on the Market would bring a big list of themes in front of you.

The GO Launcher EX app is available at free of cost, and I would say that it is one of the best customization tool ever made for your Android Smartphone compared to other similar apps. You can get it using the link given below.

Download: Go Launcher EX for Android

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