If you are looking for a way that you can control photo streaming services, then this jailbreak tweak is the one you want to get your hands on.

Photo’s are a thing that never seem to lose their popularity. From the good old printed image — that I have noticed some people still find a purpose for in today’s day and age — to the modern happy snaps from an electronic device; photos are a universal craze that isn’t going where. Because of this, we try to cover any new photo related service that becomes available.


IControlPhoto fits that bill nicely. It makes tweaks to the Photo stream service that is currently available to iOS users. Photo stream has a lot of restrictions in the way it goes about it’s business. From not being able to pick and choose which shots a users wants uploaded, to saving a single picture, photo streaming makes these tasks impossible. However, iControlPhoto changes all of that.

Now with iControlPhoto it’s you who decides which photos you want saved without having to save them all. It’s you who decides which image they want uploaded and which they want left out. You, the user, now has access to all the options to do what you want to do, instead of having Photo stream dictate it for you.

It’s not just those features I just mentioned which makes it fantastic either. There is much more goodness inside the tweak, such as taking screen shots so you can send the images on your devices to friends or people who are their for assistance, or any other reason you want to want a screenshot. One thing is for sure though, screenshots are becoming more popular for the every day user so it’s a good feature to include.

The iControlPhoto tweak is easy to use, however, it does come with a few different settings as you could imagine it may need to. They way it works is, inside the settings you can choose to either enable or disable any one of the tweaks 3 features that were talked about above. If you want the feature on, then simply enable it and vise-versa if you want it disabled. For what it is, it couldn’t be any simpler and it’s really handy.

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