The moment you utter the word “barrel” people immediately sit up and take notice. Barrel has been one of Cydia’s most popular and sought after Tweaks. Barrel has been the reason for many a person jailbreaking their iOS device.

This tweak from Cydia changes the animations that appear when one swipes between pages. It enables you to add that extra wow factor to your device. Though it is very simple, it is very entertaining to use and adds elegance to your device.


How to install Barrel:

  • First you need to open Cydia.
  • Then go to Manage.
  • After that go to Sources button and click on edit.
  • Then tap on Add source and return to Cydia.
  • Once done tap on Search and search for Barrel.
  • After you find it, click on install and confirm your actions.
  • Re-spring the device then go to the settings for Barrel and select your personal preferences.

Barrel gives you the option of choosing from among two styles. The first being from outside the cube and the other from inside the cubes surface. So depending on your preferences you can customize the effect. All you need to do is go into the settings and opt for the effect you desire. This tweak adds a three-dimensional effect to the icon page of your device. With this you will be swiping between cubes and not between pages.

Latest updates to Barrel:

Though Barrel has been around for quite sometime the developer keeps updating it regularly. The latest update being Whirl. It is not easy to explain this. One has to really experience it themselves to understand how amazing the effect is. The effect of this is when you scroll, the icons spin, expand and disappear. When you scroll to the next page they roll back in and spin into place.

Another feature added to Barrel is the option of including the Barrel App on your springboard. This is basically a shortcut to get to the settings for barrel.

In terms of using and understanding, Barrel is a very simple and easy tweak. It is very smooth and does not require much time for installation. In conclusion, I would say that it in no way reduces your battery, but still allows you to get some amazing actions from your icons. It is definitely a great Tweak from Cydia and deserves full marks.

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