Normally when we think of tech companies we think of heaps of start-ups on the West Coast of California. Unusually the same isn’t the case for smartphones. In a world that’s often lead by the United States in most things, there’s also parts of Asia which dominate with modern-day phones. Xiaomi are the name everyone knows as the company who rip-off other people’s design. That said, they are also highly successful. There’s many more companies such as Sony, Samsung, LG and one of the smaller names that people might not know is Huawei.

Huawei makes many different types of machines. In smartphones, they have their own range of “Honor” series. The series includes the Huawei Honor Holly, the Honor 6 and the 6 Plus. There’s another group of phones under the Honor name called the “Play” series. Some people know the same device as the Glory Play 4X. Well, that’s the same set of stock official wallpapers we have available for you to download here today.

Huawei Glory Play 4

Rather than having the pictures up for grabs from our page, we have the official zip file for you to download. That way you get the wallpapers fresh on your device. Furthermore, you can transfer the same zip file over to the internal storage SD card on the phone and upload them that way. Transfer the zip file as you would any other way from guides on our site: zipped up.

Inside you get at least 12 separate wallpapers from empty green grass fields, blue skies, misty lake at sunset, a rainbow effect, multi-colored unique picture and some others.

Download the Wallpapers for Hauwei Glory Play 4X here.

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