When the LG G Flex first came out many believed it was the start of a smartphone revolution. From there we saw the Samsung company try a version of their own. neither of them were hugely successful devices and subsequently we didn’t see many other OEMs come out with models of their own. I loved the idea of a curve on the phone because it resembles some new unique technology we couldn’t achieve earlier.

While sales didn’t boom, the Life’s Good company were happy enough to continue the phone into a second-generation. You probably know that already and own it since you are here and searching for the stock Full HD wallpapers. Luckily for you we have that up for grabs by clicking the link at the bottom of the post.

G Flex 2 stock Wallpaper

The second-gen Flex isn’t available for stores yet, so what we are offering here today is special. There’s nothing stopping you from downloading the same zip file to a different device and checking out the pictures either. I can tell you that inside you will find a dessert with a pink sky, ocean meets baron land, a snowy view and other abstract paintings in various colors. There’s a minimum of ten all up and you can get access to them all after the steps below.

Accessing zip files is easy: Download the AndroZip File Manager from the Google Play Store. Wait for the icon to appear on the display after it’s finished downloading. Tap to open the app and view the AndroZip Home screen. All the zip files will be laid out down the screen. Scroll down until you find the LG G Flex 2 zip file of your choice containing the wallpapers. Tap the “Choose Action” option and open file or folder. The screen will show a message saying unpack a file. Now the file is available from your smartphone. For example, if you downloaded an app it will be available from the app drawer, wallpapers will be in the wallpaper or gallery section.

Do note that there is more than one way to get access to a zipped file. Moreover, there are several different applications available which help you achieve the same. The tip above is our favorite method, but if there’s a different method you prefer, you can use that way instead.

Download the LG G Flex 2 full HD stock wallpapers here.