HTC has always been capable of creating good mobiles. Unfortunately for them that hasn’t always lead to the market share that it deserves. Whether people want to believe it or not, being able to market your product correctly plays an integral role in how well the product will do, especially if there are other companies marketing their product line so well.

Apple and Samsung are two big names that spring to mind when thinking about successful marketing campaigns, with Microsoft not far behind. Their brands delve much further than simply their product line. The way they portray a device to be of a certain type of person, to establishing a certain feel that makes people say “I want one”.

Whether HTC are just starting to catch onto this, or whether they have just come up with a sustainable way to go about competing in the department, it seems things are heading in the right direction. Take Robert Downey Junior for example, give him a 12 million dollar pay checks and go on an advertising frenzy. This would seem like a step in the right direction after the movie star just completed showcasing his latest Iron Man 3 film. Iron Man is the tech variety and this makes Downy a primed candidate for the campaign.

Sources say that not only will Downey be an integral role as the main character in the advertisements, he will also have his say as to what his role will be, as well as how he will go about his business. That part is a risk, however, it may well be a risk worth taking when looking upon HTC’s rather clueless advertising up until this point.

HTC make great devices. Their latest HTC One was so good, in fact, it legitimately deserved to be put side by side with the biggest mobile names out there, including the iPhone 5. If the Washington company can manage to pull off some successful ads that compete against the best of the best, they may finally be spoken about as often as the big boys too.

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