Owners of the HTC One M8 Developer Edition smartphone can rejoice knowing that a new Android 5.0.2 Lollipop software update is heading their way. You don’t have to do anything but wait for the automatic system message which is arriving any day now. Once the notification is on the display you can tap the ‘download’ and ‘install now’ option or put the software update on hold for a later date.

The firmware comes with the build number of 7.17.1540.7 and it’s an improvements over the original Android 5.0 Lollipop. You might know the first batch of Lollipop installments as coming with a material design UI, tap and go NFC payments, material design in the app drawer, Android RunTime taking over from the old Davik, smart notifications with a do not disturb option, lock screen notification, added Google security making it harder for users with root access and hundreds of extra features. Lollipop also comes with screen pinning, multiple user accounts, device sharing, an updated Easter Egg that’s like the old Flappy Bird iOS game and Smart Lock.

HTC Lollipop

Correspondingly, Android 5.0.2 keeps all the same features and adds heaps of bug fixes, performance enhancements and better system stability. Since Lollipop was the greatest change to an operating system under Android, there is also tons of bugs which need addressing. After installing this OTA number, you will likely have the fix in place that’s hindering your device.

Furthermore, HTC were late on the Lollipop scene because the manufacturer and phone carrier networks had to work with Google to add the Sense 6 UI with the Lollipop. that takes extra time. The good news is that there’s also some extra Sense 6 features in the software which are exclusive to HTC devices.

The total file size of the over the air 7.17.1540.7  firmware is 702 MB. Need I remind you that most phone carrier prefer you to accept the notification for installation using a home WiFi network to stay off the network to avoid high traffic. The update is rolling out to all owners at different stages so everybody isn’t installing the same at once. That said, the network still gets extremely busy. It’s best to avoid that traffic for better stability in your download and use your own WiFi. Moreover, that 702 MB’s are coming from your mobile data plan if you download from the network. However, if you accept the download while you are connecting to the WiFi it comes off the usual WiFi bill.