If you are in the  Czech Republic and own the Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE smartphone, you should look out for a new system notification message arriving to your devices display. Thankfully, it’s the new Android 5.0.1 Lollipop over the air update that’s currently hitting many phones and tablets.

Since Android 5.0 Lollipop was the greatest change to Android operating systems since the Gingerbread installment many years ago, the new version undoubtedly comes with a few bugs in the system. Most of those bugs will eventually go away thanks to future OTA updates such as the 5.0.1. Apart from bug fixes and performance enhancements, there isn’t a great deal coming your way. that being  said, we know people were suffering from severe battery draining, instability and more.

Galaxy S4

Android 5.0 Lollipop comes with many features making it different from the older version of KitKat. They include Android Beam, tap and go NFC payments, Android RunTime comes in to replace the old Dalvik system, a new material design user interface as well as material design in the app drawer, a new Easter Egg which plays like Flappy Bird, extra notification features, camera updates, Google security fixes and more.

The official Android 5.0.1 update keeps all the same features and adds more stability. A few more features you’ll be keen to check out include the screen pinning, multiple device support capabilities, lock screen notification, do not disturb notification feature, a revamped battery saving mode that’s better than any eariler firmware version, Priority Mode and still more. All up there’s still hundreds of extras we haven’t touched on here.

Furthermore, you should backup the phone using the built-in backup feature so you can take a snapshot of your current ROM. That way if something goes wrong during the installation you can restore your data such as phone contacts and pictures. There’s also several applications available from the Google Play store which serve their purpose. Likewise, you want to try accepting the official firmware notification over a WiFi signal and not the mobile data to avoid unwanted data charges. Moreover, you are avoiding the high traffic over the network which sometimes creates network instability if it’s excessive.

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