HTC is offering a dashboard for consumers to visit and view that will give them a better idea as to when they can expect to find the new Sense 6 arriving at their devices. The new dash does not guarantee times, but it helps a lot with taking a calculated guess. This new feature may also help us understand how an incremental software/firmware rollout works.

HTC One M8

Arguably the most annoying aspect of a software update is never knowing just when it is expected to arrive at you. For people that can’t stand waiting for updates and not knowing when they are coming, this can prove a real trying time. It can be escalated even more if it is a soft after update they really want to see. It is like knowing Christmas is coming but not being able to pin point the day he is coming down the chimney. That is not going to change anytime soon, however, HTC are trialing a new idea called “Sense progress” that will let users know when they can expect to find the Sense 6.0 arriving in their HTC One M7 devices. The M7 is last years flagship and the predecessor to this year’s “M8” that we love very much.

It may not seem like all this is worth the trouble but for HTC the Sense approach plays a vital role in the smartphone ecosystem and is a big part about what separates them from the competition. They are proud to have it and will roll it out to the older handset. The Android 4.4 KitKat release has already commenced for many of the HTC One M7 owners, but the Sense software comes separate because it needs to be certified by phone carriers before it is used. This is different from when it came directly with the Kitkat build in the new M8.

If I were HTC smartphone owner, I would be impressed by their efforts to satisfy customers here.

Via: HTC Software Updates