Dual SIM phones are becoming very popular and we are now seeing them high in demand right around the Smartphone universe. Now with this trend growing more popular by the day, word on the street is that there will be two Dual Sims coming to the Windows Phone, one for the HTC and the other from Nokia.

Both of these types of cards will feature a dual standby mode. This mode will result with neither card being in use when the phone is off. Furthermore, when one of them is being used, the other will automatically be put into the off position, meaning only one of them will ever be used at once. This is apparently the way the world wants it to be.

There were rumors back around mid 2013 of the Nokia Lumia 625 carrying one of these ideas. While that didn’t exactly happen, it now leaves us with two grape-vine talks with the Nokia name in them.

With no exact dates being set for these to appear, it’s safe to say it could be well into 2014 before we see them inside of any device. What is interesting though is hearing the HTC name brought up because there was rumors of Windows wanting them to start making a phone for them.