Witnessing the months leading up to the launch of the full-sized HTC flagship for 2014 was very humorous because nobody knew what the name to call it. Rumors had it that the Taiwanese manufacturer of smartphones and tablets wanted it called “The All new One,” the M8, the 2014 HTC One among others. If you blog as we do, it will be somewhat of a friendly disaster because we could not target the audience properly with so many names being identified as what the smartphone was. It has a similar effect with HTC themselves, it does not do them any favors either to have people using all different names when all referring to the same device.

It seems as though they’ve taken the “no fuss” approach this time around and learnt from their mistakes by coming out and openly giving this year’s mini the name of HTC One Mini 2. That is about as straight forward as it gets folks so there’s no arguments from us there.

HTC One Mini 2

Up until now some of our favorite blogs who know what they are talking about when it comes to mobile products have called this handset the M8 One until they gave us the official word with what to call it. They started using this name because M8 follows on from M7 and the M8 is the official name for this year’s flagship. We like that name also and honestly, it is even shorter, but for business reasons we like the name HTC decided to go with this time. It can get a bit confusing, to say the least, when it comes to technology products and this way there is no confusion for the less tech savvy crowd.

Evleaks, who are very reputable for leaked information have also confirmed via Twitter that they are told the same thing.

If you were hoping to learn some specs around this time you’ll have to wait a while longer because we have not gotten word on any at this time. We fully expect at least some specs leaked before we see the real deal, including what resolution the screen will have combined with the display type. Moreover, we are confident of getting out hands on the processor and system chip information. Reports on all that and more are coming soon so stay tuned.