Nowadays I almost feel sorry for any company trying to break into the smartphone business because there are so many patents going on it is hard to create a device that looks original. On the other hand, if this Amazon rendering turns out to be authentic they like look they’ve handled the dilemma with a sense of ease. Cool as you like, even though late on the scene, Amazon have created a different idea by the use of colors with a light-gray border going around a dark, almost black display when turned off.It is something we have not seen before and it looks great.

It is hard to know what audience Amazon will pull on if they do decide to launch a handset. Many young people prefer to go for the big names already in the game such as Apple, Android and Windows Phone. On the other hand, we know how much everyone loves a bargain and if the largest online retailer can appeal through looks and price alone then it will not even matter what OS they choose to run, it could succeed as it is.

Amazon Fire Phone

For their sake, I hope they have managed to put the buttons in the right place. One of the biggest issues with patents is companies already having legal rights to things in certain places. That forces new designs to be less than ideal with things such as button positioning and that can be troublesome. My father hates his Lumia 625 because when it is in his pants the buttons are pressed without him knowing. That results in the volume button pressed and turned down constantly so he does not hear it ring. Other tradesmen may also find a similar problem with their and this is what can happen if Apple and Android own the right to buttons in other positions already.

Amazon is not exactly a brand new name in the electronics and mobile business. They have been very successful with the Amazon Kindle fire series of tablets. This product includes the Fire HD, Fire 2, Fire HD 2013, Fire HD 8.9 4G LTE, HD 8.9, Fire HDX 8.7,and the HDX 7.

Amazon then went on to release the Amazon Fire TV. With entries in the tablet and TV market of all things, which is an area even the biggest names like Google and Apple struggle, it is very surprisingly that Amazon has not made a smartphone yet. There have been hiccups along the way, including a rumored “3D sensing” phone behind closed doors that they decided not to release, we know that. However, I am sure something will be released before too long, and this could be the closest thing to a true image we have seen leaked to date.