You may want to unroot your Xiaomi MI3 if you’re going to sell it or if you’re giving it to the customer care to resolve any issues that you might be facing on your device. The customer care will only accept your device if it’s not rooted. If you have already rooted your device, there’s an easy way to roll back the process and get your device unrooted.

Here’s how you can unroot your device and get it back to stock:

Xiaomi Mi3

Files You Need

1. Download the Stock Recovery for your Xiaomi MI3 to your computer. Do NOT extract it, leave it as is.

2. Download the Unroot Package depending on the build number of your device. Do NOT extract it either.

Unrooting the Xiaomi MI3

1. Connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable.

2. Copy both Stock Recovery and Unroot Package from your compute over to the SD card storage on your phone.

3. When both the files are copied, disconnect your phone from your computer.

4. Open the Updater app from your app drawer on your device.

5. Press the Menu button and choose Select update package.

6. Choose the Stock Recovery file to be flashed on your phone.

7. Let it flash the file on your phone.

8. When it’s done, reboot your device.

9. When your phone reboots, launch the Security app from your app drawer.

10. Tap on the Permission option.

11. Turn off the Root permission option.

12. Head back to the main menu on your phone.

13. Launch the Updater app on your device,

14. Press the Menu button and choose Select update package.

15. Chose the Unroot Package file to be flashed on your phone.

16. Wait for it to flash the file on your device.

17. When that is done, reboot your device.

18. You’re now fully unrooted!

That’s all.

You’ve successfully flashed back the stock recovery on your Xiaomi MI3 and unrooted it. Your job’s done.