If you have the Samsung Galaxy S3 and you are not rooting it because you are not interested in rooting through Odin or flashing any file through recovery mode, you are at the right place. Today I introduce you with Kingo Root. Kingo Root is a windows application made by Kingo developers. This application is specially made to root android devices. The app is just connect your device, click on root and poof, your device is rooted.

First I’m going to tell you that rooting your phone is not an official process, not recommended by Google or Samsung. So this is an illegal process and after rooting your phone, your phone’s warranty will be gone (not forever). Now next time when you take your phone to service center it will cost you real money.


Details of Note

  • To root your phone you just have to do some preparations to ready your phone for this process. You just need a Windows-based PC to perform this process (you can also use in windows based notebook or tablet). Also, make sure all the security based software like antivirus or anti malware must be disabled temporarily before applying this process cause they can interface and brick your phone.
  • Enable USB debugging on your device by going to settings > security > check USB debugging option, this step is important or Kingo Root software won’t detect your device. You also need a USB cable (using the original one came with your phone is recommended) for this rooting process.
  • Make sure your Galaxy S3 is powered on and charged to at least 50% battery so I won’t turn off accidentally cause it can brick your device. And of course download Kingo Root software and install it on your PC.
  • You should backup your important data stored on your phone in case that if anything goes wrong and your phone get bricked. You would never loose your important data (I know what it feels like). Move all of your media files like photos, videos and document files to your phones SD card or backup them on your PC.

Now you are all set to root you device and note that we have warned you about the circumstances that can happen with your device. Don’t go beyond if you don’t want to loose your device’s warranty.

Steps to Root you Galaxy S3 I9300 with Kingo Root

  1. Download and install Samsung Kies on your PC so USB drivers for your Galaxy S3 will get installed automatically.
  2. Download and install Kingo Root software on your PC.
  3. After installing right click on Kingo Root shortcut on desktop and click on “run as administrator”.
  4. After Kingo Root launched, connect your phone to your PC via USB cable.
  5. Kingo Root will detect your phone, tells you the root status (rooted or not).
  6. Now click on “Root” and wait for 5 minutes (do not unplug or press any key on your device during this process).
  7. After 5 minutes a message (Root Successful) will be displayed on Kingo Root and now click on finish (this will reboot your device normally).
  8. After reboot unplug your device and look for SuperSU app in app drawer or you can check your device’s root status by installing this root checker app.

Now your device is rooted and you can tweak your device’s interface and performance your way. And now you have a world of customization before you. Now you can also install custom recovery and custom ROMs on your device.

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