If you’re done playing around with root-access on your Sony Xperia M2 and think that you wouldn’t need it anymore, you can install the stock ROM and remove root-access from your device. It should re-install the whole OS on your device and you’ll feel like you’ve just bought the device off the retail store.

Here’s how you can go about unrooting your Sony Xperia M2:

Sony Xperia M2

Files You Need

1. This tutorial should erase the data stored on your device. So make sure you back it up before doing the tutorial.

2. Download Flashtool to your computer. It is the utility that allows you to flash Sony Xperia devices.

3. Download the Stock ROM for your Sony Xperia M2 to your computer. It’s the OS file that will be installed on your device.

4. This tutorial should only work on a D2303 device.

Unrooting the Sony Xperia M2

1. Install the flashing tool on your computer by double-clicking on the Flashtool setup file.

2. Copy Stock ROM to the /firmwares/ folder located in the Flashtool directory.

3. Double-click on Flashtool executable and it’ll launch.

4. Click on Flash and select the ROM that you copied to the firmwares folder.

5. Click on OK in the tool.

6. Turn off your phone.

7. Hold down Volume DOWN button on your phone and plug it in to your computer.

8. The tool should automatically start installing the stock ROM on your device.

9. When the ROM is installed, reboot your device.

10. You’re done.

Brilliant! Your Sony Xperia M2 is now unrooted and is running the official stock ROM. In case you have any doubts, you can use the Root Checker app to confirm the root-status for your device.