Samsung released its E series smart phones in India. This E series also have three basic models E3, E5 and E7. If you already owned one of them with model number SM-E500H then you should be happy to be here because today we will free your phone from Google’s terms and conditions bars. Today I’ll tell you to root your phone so stay tuned and follow guide very carefully.

Rooting is a process in which we provide some specific apps to access system files in Android. This process is not recommended by Google or Samsung because this process is very much risky, means if you didn’t follow the steps carefully then you might ended up bricking your device. So unlocking the system internals with root access is only at your own risk. One more thing is that after rooting your phone your phone’s warranty will void so you can’t claim your phone’s warranty after rooting it.

Samsung Galaxy E5

Details of Note

  • Backup your important files or media stored on phone’s memory so if anything wrong happens then you will not lose your important data. Also sync your phones contacts to Google account so you can sync them back after this rooting process.
  • What’s Odin? – Odin is a service software provided by Samsung to service Samsung smart phones only. The software is basically used for installing or flashing Stock firmware to Samsung smart phones. But in this process we are going to use it or flashing root file to your phone.
  • What do you need? You need a windows-based PC (not Mac), a USB cable (better if it is branded) and your phone. Make sure your PC should not have any anti-virus software installed, if it has any just disable it till we final this process. On your phone go to settings > Developer options > enable USB debugging mode.  Also your phone should have at least 50% battery left on it.
  • The following guide is for the SM-E500-H model number. You can always check that by stopping over at the Settings > About Device.

Steps to Root Samsung Galaxy E5 SM-E500 Duos using Odin

  1. First you have to download and install Samsung Kies on your PC, this will automatically install USB drivers of your phone to your PC.
  2. Download the root package for your phone from here and extract it on desktop.
  3. Download Odin from here.
  4. Now reboot your phone to download mode, press and hold power key for 5 seconds and select “Power Off” from the power menu, after you phone goes off completely. Now power it on by pressing and holding power key, volume own key and home key together. When you see a warning screen just press volume up key once.
  5. And plug it to your PC using USB cable.
  6. On PC launch Odin and check for the “added” message in message box. Click on “PDA” and select the CF Auto Root file from the root package.
  7. Now click on “Start”, this will root your phone in no time.

Now you have your phone rooted and ready to be customized your way. If anything bothering you then you can post them in comment section below. Also share this article with your friends.