Often while enjoying the freedom given by root-access, we end-up messing up the phone by making a lot of customizations on it that there’s no way left to get back to the default. If you are stuck in such situation, you can flash back the stock ROM on your phone and get everything back to the default.

If that is what you wish to do, here’s how to unroot and get your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus back to the stock:

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The Files You Need

  1. This will delete all the data stored on your phone. So, please backup everything that you will need later on.
  2. You must have a Windows running computer in order to do this tutorial. The reason is the tool called Odin is only available for the Windows OS.
  3. The latest Samsung USB drivers must be installed on your computer before you can do this tutorial. If you have not installed them yet, please do so now.
  4. Download Stock ROM for your specific variant to your computer. This is the whole operating system that will be flashed on your phone:
    Stock ROM for SM-G928F
    Stock ROM for SM-G928I
    Stock ROM for SM-G928C
    Stock ROM for SM-G928L
    Stock ROM for SM-G928K
    Stock ROM for SM-G928S
    Stock ROM for SM-G928T
  5. Download Odin to your computer. It’s the Samsung flash tool that will help you flash a stock ROM on your phone.
  6. This should get your phone back to the stock.

Unrooting the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

  1. First of all, you need to extract files from both Odin and Stock ROM over to your computer. To do that, right-click on Odin and select Extract here. Do the same for Stock ROM and the files will be extracted on your computer.
  2. Launch the Odin by double-clicking on its .exe file available on your computer.
  3. The first thing you need to do when the Odin launches is uncheck the Repartition box. It must be unchecked in order for this tutorial to properly work.
  4. Checkmark both Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time options in the Odin.
  5. Click on PDA in the Odin and select stock ROM available on your computer. Make sure that the file you choose is the one that you have extracted from the archive and not the archive itself.
  6. Power off your phone.
  7. Power on your phone in download mode. You can do that by holding down Volume DOWN, Home, and Power buttons together on your phone.
  8. Press Volume UP when you see a prompt on your screen.
  9. Your phone will now boot-up in the download mode.
  10. Connect your phone to your computer via a USB cable.
  11. One of the boxes in the Odin should turn yellow which means your device has been detected by your computer.
  12. You can click on Start in the Odin to start the flash procedure.
  13. Wait for the Odin to flash stock ROM on your phone.
  14. It should take some time for the procedure to finish as you are flashing an entire operating system on your phone.
  15. When the Odin’s done flashing stock ROM, your phone will automatically reboot.
  16. You are now back to the stock!

Your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is now unrooted and is back to the stock firmware.

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