These are the steps to unroot the T-Mobile LG G4 smartphone by flashing a stock ROM using the Flash Tool. Once you have flashed the stock ROM, you will no longer be able to install root-requiring applications from the Google Play Store.

Likewise, you will not be able to install root-only apps from additional third-party sources. In theory, the G4 should be exactly how you found it for the first time out of the box. The stock ROM we are flashing here is the same ROM that comes from the official source.


The Files You Need

  • Download the T-Mobile LG G4 stock ROM from storage cow on this page.
  • Download the LG Flash Tool to flash that firmware from this page.
  • The following guide is only mead for the T-Mobile version of the LG G4. Do not follow this guide if you have one of the other versions of the G4 flagship smartphone. You will likely brick down the device if you flash it on the wrong model number.

Unrooting the T-Mobile LG G4 (Model Number H811)

  1. Unzip the Flash Tool to the desktop of your computer.
  2. Double-click and run the Flash tool.
  3. Unzip the official T-Mobile G4 firmware file. Drag and drop the firmware from the folder to the desktop.
  4. Long-press the Power button and reboot the G4 in download mode. Have the USB cable connected to the computer, then hold the Volume Up whilst connecting the other end of the USB cable to your smartphone. You should now be in the download mode.
  5. Now look at the Flash Tool for the ‘Select Type’ and choose GSM. The GSM will match up with your device phone carrier network. You can check your cellular frequencies here.
  6. Now look at the PhoneMode and select DIAG.
  7. Click the ‘Select KDZ file’ and upload the stock ROM firmware from the desktop.
  8. Click the CSE flash option.
  9. Click the Start button and your LG G4 will now be flashed with the stock ROM.
  10. Select your region and country from the last screen before the flashing starts.
  11. Install the root checker app from the Google Play Store to make sure you no longer have root access on your G4 smartphone.