The Asus Pafone X tried to revolutionize the market with it’s combo idea for a tablet with a phone coming out the back. It wasn’t a huge success but it did get it’s fair share of the tablet and mobile phone market with some sales. If you are one of those people who invested in this device and decided to try and get more out of it with root access, you might be wishing to return back to the stock Android firmware and software update. I’ll show you how to do that easily by following the guide below.


  1. The requirements guide is slim to carry this one out but you should be following this only if you have opened up the ports already with root access.
  2. Understand that you are not flashing a new firmware version on your device by following the guide. It only removes the root access.
  3. Furthermore, you can safely flash a firmware version on your device again now by accepting over the air software update, or by flashing them manually.
  4. All custom recoveries that you installed before coming here are still on the device when you leave.
  5. You don’t need a computer of any kind to get this done.


  1. Open the SuperSU application from the app drawer. You should have installed the same when you found root access.
    – if you followed a different guide that didn’t give you SuperSU, you can download and install it from the Google Play store.
  2. Tap your finger on the Settings.
  3. Search for the option that says ‘full unroot’.
  4. Tap on the aforementioned option from the step above.
  5. If you are prompted before it starts accept the notifications.
  6. Now wait until it finishes and your device no longer has the root access.
  7. You can reboot the device automatically if it doesn’t reboot by itself.
  8. Now that you have finished unrooting the tablet phone you can use the warranty again for free repairs when permitted. That’s only if the warranty period isn’t already used up.

That’s all.