Taking screenshots on the Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 mobile device is an official process that comes pre-loaded on your Android software version.l That wasn’t always the case with Android. However, since it was such as popular feature for people to want on a device, it was silly or Android to ignore it any long. Thus, when Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich become available, users could take a screenshot by pressing a button combination. This same button combination is still the same today and works universally across all devices. It doesn’t matter if you have a Samsung device or a Xiaomi device, you can take screenshots using the method we have below.

The first method is by using the hardware keys, which are the same keys you use to turn your device up or down when listening to music. They are also the keys you use to go Home or to turn the device on or off. They call these hardware keys because they are built-in to the hardware on your Xiaomi device.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

While the hardware keys are the quickest method for taking screenshots, they aren’t always the most practical method. Some people dislike the positioning of the buttons and prefer to use app. There are at least ten cool apps that focus on perfecting the screenshot and we will list many of them in this post. The great thing about apps is they can also edit your images and some of them can record the screen too.

Taking a screenshot on the Xiaomi Mi Pad 2

  1. Turn on the Mi Pad 2 device and open the page you want to capture with the screenshot.
  2. Hold the Volume Down and Power buttons down at the same time and don’t let go until at least a second passes.
  3. During this time you should hear the shutter sound and the display dimming as if it were taking a picture with a camera. It does this on purpose to let you know that your picture is taken and you can now release the keys.
  4. Find your newly snapped screenshot available from your Photo Gallery app.
  5. Tap and open the Screenshots folder which has been automatically created to hold your screenshots.

Those of you who did not enjoy using the buttons to take snapshots can install apps instead. The Screenshot Ultimate application is arguably the best as its one job.