Use this guide in order to learn how to take a screenshot on the LG Zero smartphone. You can take the snapshot of the content on your LG Zero display. Some of that content may include the gallery, movies, any video footage, folders, apps, your home screen and anything else that is on your operating system. Generally speaking, you can take a screen on smartphones of anything that’s on the display.

The steps in this post will work for any version of the LG Zero device. It doesn’t matter what model number you have, what phone carrier network the Zero is with, or even what region you are located around the world. Likewise, it doesn’t matter if you have a locked bootloader, unlocked bootloader, rooted or locked operating system. Taking the screenshot is a core function that is built into the OS by Google and your manufacturer, so you can always take a snapshot on your device and often you can get it done more than one way.

LG Zero

How to take a snapshot on the LG Zero

Using an app from the Play Store:

  1. Turn on your LG Zero device and open the Google Play Store application.
  2. Log in to your user account or create one if you haven’t already — you would usually need to create a Google account when you first start using your device. That same account is the one you use for the Google Play Store.
  3. Look for the search field and type “Quick Memo” and wait for it to ping back the Quick memo app response.
  4. Tap your finger over the Quick memo app and start installing it on your device.
  5. Navigate out of the Google Play Store and open your devices applications drawer — where you normally find new apps after you download them.
  6. Tap to open the Quick memo app once it’s finished downloading.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions for using the app with your device.

Using the hardware keys:

  1. Every Android-based device comes with hardware keys. These are the keys like the Volume keys and the Home key on your device.
  2. Find the picture you want to take a screenshot of on your device and have it on your devices display.
  3. Hold the Volume Down and Power buttons together.
  4. Wait until you hear the shutter sound — it takes about a second to kick in and finish.
  5. Now your snapshot is taken and available to use from the pictures app where you normally find pictures after you take photos. The photos and screenshots will end up in the same folder.