Taking a screenshot on an Android Wear smartwatch is a little different from on a smartphone, bu the concept is very much the same. You are wanting to take a picture of what is currently on your smartwatches display at the time and not what the smartwatch is pointing at like a normal picture. Thankfully those Android developers have built in a way we can take a snapshot on an Android Wear device easily. Here’s how it’s done.

Android Wear Bluboo Uwatch

Taking Snapshots with the Android Wear Bluboo Uwatch

As you could image, taking snapshots on any Android Wear device is going to be different from other Android devices like smartphones and tablets. The main reason for that is they don’t have the same buttons and therefore we cannot press the same buttons. Using an Android smartphone would normally work with the Volume Down and Power buttons pressed down at the same time until you heard the shutter sound of a camera. Things are different with smartwatches, however.

  1. Enable the Developer Options on your smartphone that you have paired with the Android Wear smartwatch.
  2. To enable the Developer Options, head to the Settings > About Device > tap the build number until it says you are now a developer.
  3. Now you can find the Developer Options by navigating to the > Settings > Developer Options.
  4. Those of you with the Developer Options menu already enabled should toggle it off and on again just so the Android Wear device is aware of the change. otherwise it might not work when you try taking the screenshot.
  5. Open the Android Wear application on your device and tap your finger on the Overflow button (three dots).
  6. Tap over the “Take wearable screenshot” button.
  7. Wait for the “Wearable screenshot finished. Touch to send” notification.

Do not rely on applications to accept your Wear screenshots yet as most of them are not developed to handle such tasks. You can, however, send them to Google Drive and other data storage places like DropBox.