It’s not often you get a smartphone with a nickname like Telstra Dave, but ZTE have produced it for the Aussies. In case you didn’t already know, Dave is from a Telstra TV commercial and from there he was always known as Telstra Dave. However, we didn’t think a device would ever be named after him. It is true that Telstra is the best phone carrier network in Australia with the best service, but that doesn’t mean you can do anything extra. To get the most out of this T83 handset, you’ll need to open the ports with root access just like you would any other. The great news is that you can do it without having to download USB drivers, connect to a computer or laptop and go from there. Instead, you can install the application during the guide directly on your smartphone and gain root access that way.

You should read over the list of ZTE essentials before starting the guide. Doing so will make sure that you are properly prepared with everything you need to know.


As we said before, the guide below works without the need or any computer or laptop and not just without a PC. You don’t need anything but your smartphone. With that being said, you must have a decent amount of battery power left because you are relying on the battery power not turning off until the flashing finishes. Usually the USB charging feature from a computer would look after you there.

Once you are happy with the battery level, it’s time to back up the data. The Framaroot application does not force a factory reset or wipe data during the guide. However, if something goes wrong and you want to take the reset, you will lose data then. That’s why we suggest backing up the phone contacts, music album and songs, SMS texts, pictures, video and any other data like your current Settings.

You are using an app that isn’t from Google Play so you must enable the Unknown Sources option for that to work. Head to the Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and allow permissions for that option inside.

Moreover, you must allow permissions for the USB Debugging Mode. Head to the Settings > About Device > tap the firmware build number seven times. Now you have unlocked the developer options menu. head back to the Settings and refresh the list to find the new Developer Options menu. Inside the new options list you will find the USB Debugging option.

How To Root The ZTE T83 (Telstra Dave) Without A Computer

  1. Turn on the ZTE T83 smartphone and download the Framaroot app from here.
  2. Wait until it completes downloading and tap the new Framaroot icon in the app widget section.
  3. Select the Gandalf exploit option from the menu.
  4. Wait until the rooting exploit finishes flashing on your ZTE smartphone.
  5. reboot the ZTE smartphone and you now have the root access you need to start installing custom ROMs.

We recommend installing the root checker app now from google Play to save yourself time trying to work out if it’s working.

If you don’t like any of the custom ROM options for your handset, you can still have great fun with root-requiring apps from Google Play. With apps you can overclock the internal system and tweak the performance, remove the bloatware which creates a longer lasting battery and much more. Sometimes now many third-party developers create stable custom ROMs for devices so it’s best to read reviews before going ahead with a custom ROM you don’t know much about.

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