You just purchased a sexy-looking Android One phone. Being cost-effective and offering better features its very popular in India and the world. But, what if you spotted a bug or want to remove bloatware that just occupies a lot of space or you want to unleash its customizing capabilities? No, worries! All you need to do is keep your eyes staring at the article below and your are done! So folks, what are you waiting for? Hit the mouse and scroll below!

First let me tell you that you can use this awesome Android One toolkit on the Micromax Canvas A1, Spice Dream UNO, Nexian Journey One, Evercoss One X, MyPhone Uno, Karbonn Sparkle V, Symphony Roar A50, Mito Impact and the Cherry Mobile One. SInce they all run on the same system internals, they also have the same exploi that’s available to take advantage of with this toolkit.

Spice Dream Uno

Understand that we are creating this guide during 2015 when Android 5.0 Lollipop is the latest software update available. It’s possible that Google and the OEMs patch the security vulnerability in future software updates in the year’s ahead. Therefore, we do not guarantee this guide will work forever. If you are reading this during 2016 or later you might want to research if this Android One toolkit is still working for your specific smartphone.

Backup all your files as rooting your Android One smartphone might lose data on your phone. You can install third-party application from Google Play that can back up just about any Android device, including anything out of this range. In case you didn’t already know, the Helium for Android application is one of the more popular apps to use this year. However, it doesn’t backup every bit of data that’s on your smartphone or tablet so you might need to download other apps too.

Charge your phone up to 40% for hassle-free rooting. Furthermore, you should unlock the Android One bootloader by following our simple guide. After you have followed the guide for rooting you might also want to install CWM recovery on Android One.

How to root the Android One using a Toolkit

  1. Install Microsoft Net Framework 4.0 from here. You might want to skip this step if the framework is already installed on your computer.
  2. Enable USB Debugging by going to Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging(check the box).
  3. Download and extract the Android One toolkit to your PC. Now from the extracted folder open ‘Android-ONE-Toolkit.exe’.
  4. After the toolkit is launched, click on ‘install drivers’ button in the right to install the drivers required. You may skip this step if the drivers are already installed.
  5. Now connect your smartphone with computer via a USB cable.
  6. Now click on the ‘List Devices’ button on the left to confirm if your smartphone is connected successfully or not. Next, click the ‘ROOT’ button somewhat below the ‘List Devices’ button. Voila! You just completed rooting your device.
  7. If you see a SuperSU icon then the root is verified.
  8. Just for your heart’s satisfaction, you can confirm the root by using Root Checker app.

So folks, where you able to root your smartphone(s)? Any hurdles you faced during the walk-through? Or any error crept on your device? Let me know in the comments below! And do share this tutorial as “sharing a Tech Chomp post a day keeps rooting problems away”, so happy sharing!



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