The ZTE smartphone brand make some spectacular devices, one of which is the Grand X Quad. It has a great big display in true smartphone style. If you have had enough of running Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, you might wish to update to custom firmware instead of waiting around for your OEM to offer official updates. You need root access to install a custom software update or a custom ROM. We are offering all the steps to create that below. Furthermore, after you have the system internals unlocked, you can also download root-requiring apps from the Google Play Store which will give you extra ability to overclock performance, remove bloatware and have fun.

As always, there are many things to take into account before deciding to gain root access on your ZTE smartphone. We are covering most of those after the drop.

ZTE Grand X Quad

The Framaroot method we are using today is easy for most people; you don’t need to be an experienced Android user. However, we still recommend you backup the current data so it’s stored on the internal memory. Doing so ensures that you can restore that same data later if you take a factory reset. Understand that we are not forcing a factory resetting during the guide but rather you might choose to take the factory reset option if you device gets stuck in a boot-loop or worse.

  • You can install the Helium app from the Google Play Store to help with backing up most data. After you have root access you might prefer installing the Titanium backup app from Google Play. A NANDroid backup is another option for those with root access already. For now, though, you can always store media directly to the computer of your choice. Simply create a folder and drag and drop the ZTE pictures, music and video files from the smartphone to the computer folders.
  • Above all, you probably want to store the phone contacts so you still have your family and friends numbers.
  • You must turn on the ZTE smartphone and navigate over to the Settings > Developer Options and enable the USB Debugging Mode. Sometimes the Developer Options menu is hidden depending on what version of Android you are running. If you don’t see it from the Settings menu you probably need to unlock it. Do that now by navigating to the Settings > About Device and tapping in the current firmware build number seven times. It will count down how many times are left until it’s unlocked.
  • Understand that unlocking the Developer Options menu does not mean you are operating in a special Developer mode. It’s still using the ZTE smartphone in normal mode. You don’t need to hide that menu again. However, you can lock the Developer Options menu once again if you prefer it gone.
  • Lastly, you must allow permissions for the Unknown Sources option. To do that head over to the Settings > Security and tap over the Unknown Sources option to enable that mode.
  • The guide does not require any computer, laptop or tablet at all. You can use this guide and gain root access direct from the ZTE smartphone without transferring any files.

How To Root ZTE Grand X Quad Without A PC

  1. Download the Framaroot APK file to your Grand X smartphone.
  2. Look inside the apps widget to see the new Framaroot app icon after it finishes downloading.
    Tap to open the Framaroot app just like you would any other app.
  3. From inside, tap on the Boromir option.
  4. Wait for the “Exploit result” screen to present itself and it will eventually tell you it was a success.
  5. Unfortunately it does not manually reboot the ZTE smartphone automatically. Do not now manually.

Once done, you are ready to install the root checker application (from Google Play) and check that it is working. If it says there is no root access you will have to try again. Once you are happy with it, you are able to start installing those root-requiring applications you have waited for. Those preferring to alter the looks will need to install a custom ROM. Learn everything you need to know about taking a NANDroid backup and read the ROM reviews before installing. Some custom ROMs are more reliable than others.

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