Some of you might only know the name Rugby as a sport with footballs, but the South Korean tech giant also has a smartphone under the same name. If you are wishing to open the system internals away from the Samsung factory restrictions with root access on the Rugby Smart, you can do that now by following the guide after the drop.

Many people love rooting their smartphones, tablets and other Android devices, but can’t always do it without a PC. using this guide, you can easily gain the same rooting privileges on your Android without the need of anything Windows. You can use Apple Mac or Linux operating systems instead. Furthermore, you don’t have to have a desktop computer. You can use this for laptops as well.

Samsung Rugby Smart

You should download the Samsung USB Drivers for mobile phones to the laptop or computer of your choice (doesn’t have to be a Windows PC). from there you want to install the drivers and reboot the computer of your choice to have the drivers working. Now you can easily connect the Rugby Smart to the computer and transfer the files over to the SD card.

You won’t lose data just by following this rooting guide, but you might want to back up the data anyway. By data we mean backing up the phone contacts, SMS text messages, Settings, pictures, music files (songs) and video footage you might have saved. We advise you do that because if you need to factory reset the Samsung smartphone it will wipe the data clean. That means you won’t have any of it unless you back it up and restore it after the factory reset.

Only once you complete the full Samsung Rugby Smart tutorial are you able to then go on and install root-requiring apps from the Google Play Store. By using new apps you can boost the overall performance, remove bloatware, speed up the device, create a longer lasting battery, tweak the overall performance and much more. Those preferring to change the look of the handset can do that by installing a Rugby custom ROM. We recommend you read the reviews on each ROM as they are not made by the same third-party developers all the time. That means some are better quality than others.

You still need to turn on the Rugby Smart, navigate over to the Developer Options menu from the Settings menu and allow permissions for the USB Debugging Mode. Once done, you are then able to connect to the computer or laptop of your choice and transfer the files.

Since you are not connecting to the computer for longer than a few minutes, you’ll need to make sure the smartphone battery is charged up enough to last through the guide. You don’t want it to turn off during the flashing process or else you might brick it.

How to root Samsung Rugby Smart without a PC

  1. Turn on the computer or laptop (Windows or non-Windows).
  2. Download the SRS rooting file from here.
    – note that it is not an official applications so you must enable the Unknown Sources option from the smartphone menu to use that app.
  3. Move that file over to the Rugby internal SD card storage without unzipping the file. To do that you must connect the Sammy smartphone to the computer with the USB cable.
  4. Unplug the Rugby from the computer now and completely power down by holding in the Power button from over 10 seconds and then let go.
  5. Reboot the Rugby in Recovery Mode now by holding in the Volume Up + Power and wait until the screen changes. Now you should see the Samsung Logo appear and then disappear again. let go of the two keys after the logo presents itself and then hold the Home key for 15 to 20 seconds. Now you should be in the Recovery Mode.
  6. Navigate to the “Apply update from SD card” option from within the recovery menu.
  7. Upload the SRS rooting package (zipped) from earlier.
  8. After confirming the upload it will now apply the easy root to your smartphone. Do not touch any buttons until it’s complete.
  9. Once done, you must go back to the main recovery mode menu and select to reboot the system.

The SRS tool doesn’t tell you if it’s working or not so you’ll need to install the root checker application from Google Play to check that. So long as it says this is successful you can move on to installing the root-requiring apps and custom ROMs.

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