You must be a responsible when you root the ZTE Blade Vec pro because once you get access to the full file system, you can delete almost any file. Some of those files are important to your operating system to run. While that sounds intimidating, as long as you backup your device after getting root access, you can always restore any files you delete.

The other argument against rooting your device is it makes it easier for malware to potentially spread through your apps. When a device doesn’t have root access it is locked and isolates the apps so they cannot see each other. With root access those apps can join together and one app can read another apps data with a bit of skill. That means if you download malware it might read other apps and other apps data. However, that’s only if you download it in the first place.

ZTE Blade Vec Pro

Conversely, having a device without root access isn’t fun. We cannot install any of the best apps that are on the Google Play Store because they don’t download to our devices. So basically as long as you are careful and backup your device, you can grant your device root access and start using all of the apps on the Google Play Store that need it to run.

The Files You Need

  1. Download the KingRoot app from the official home for it at XDA Developers here.

Rooting the ZTE Blade Vec Pro

  1. Download the KingRoot APK to the computer.
  2. If that’s a Windows PC it will automatically end up in your Downloads folder by default.
  3. Open that Downloads folder and click and drag the file over to the desktop.
  4. Make sure you have enabled Unknown Sources on your device: Menu > Settings > Security > Unknown Sources. Now you can install apps from outside of the Google Play Store.
  5. Connect the ZTE Blade Vec pro to the computer with the USB cable.
  6. Transfer the KingRoot APK file over to the root of the internal storage SD card. That means keep the file on the topmost folder and don’t hide it in any sub folder.
  7. Now unplug your device from the computer.
  8. Learn how to install any APK file on an Android device and get that APK file on your ZTE Vec Pro device. Additionally, you can check out the best file managers for Android devices.
  9. Once it’s installed, you have three new apps from the app drawer.
  10. Tap on the app that says KingRoot.
  11. Tap the Get Root or Try To Root button inside the app.
  12. Wait until the KingRoot universal one-click rooting tool roots your device. You can watch the progress of it on the devices display.
  13. Reboot the device once it’s finished.
  14. Confirm it did work by installing the root checker app from the Google Play Store.