As you know, Android is based on Linux which is the operating system all the geeks love to use but it’s also one of the most open operating systems. When we say “open” we are referring to it’s not secure and it’s easy for malware to take advantage of that if it wants to do that. Malware isn’t usually an issue for geeky people because they know what to click and what not to click.

However, you could not give the whole world Linux without any security and expect there to not be heaps of malware attacks. Of course there would be, right? It’s that additional security that Google wanted to have on the device but it has come at a cost. The cost is all us geeks can no longer install the best apps out there which require root access to run. So, to fix that, the geeks out there can root the ZTE V5S smartphone by using the guide below and start installing all of the apps again. Now everyone is happy. Those who want to be secure with the best security don’t have to get root access and those who want the apps can just root with the guide below.


The Files You Need

  1. Download the KingRoot one-click rooting tool from its home at XDA here.
  2. On your phone, navigate to the Menu > Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and check the box for the Unknown Sources option. Now you can install the APK file on your device since it’s outside of the Google Play Store.

Rooting the ZTE V5S N918St Smartphone

  1. Download the rooting file from the files section above directly to the computer.
  2. Transfer that same universal rooting file over to the desktop.
  3. Connect the ZTE V5S N918St smartphone to the computer with the USB cable.
  4. Copy the KingRoot file over to the root of the internal storage SD card folder of your ZTE smartphone.
  5. Make sure you copy it to the topmost folder and not in any sub folder or else you won’t be able to find it later. That’s what we call the root of the SD card.
  6. Once done, unplug the ZTE smartphone from the computer.
  7. Launch a file manager or learn the other way to install APK files on Android devices if you don’;t know how already.
  8. Once it is installed, open your devices app drawer and tap on the KingRoot app.
  9. Tap the large Get Root or Try To Root button on the first page of the app.
  10. Wait for the progress bar in the KingRoot app reach 100% and the app give you the success message on the devices display.
  11. Now you need to exit the app and reboot it as you normally would any other day.
  12. After it reboots, you can log in to your Google account and start installing the app from the Google Play Store you otherwise couldn’t before.
  13. We recommend starting with the root checker app just to make sure it did work for your device. Once you’ve done that you can start installing the apps.