The Wileyfox Swift comes out of the box with a special Cyanogen OS. The Cyanogen operating system will satisfy most people and prevent them from wanting to install a custom ROM. Nonetheless, rooting the Swift smartphone is still great for plenty of other reasons, such as using the Titanium backup application, the ROM Toolbox, Greenify app and the NANDroid Manager if you keep your custom recovery.

These are the guidelines to root the Wileyfox Swift smartphone running on the Cyanogen OS:

Wileyfox Swift

Files You Need

  1. You must unlock the bootloader on the Wileyfox Swift smartphone before using this guide.
  2. You must install a custom recovery on the Wileyfox Swift before using this guide.
  3. Download the SuperSU by Chainfire for your Swift smartphone from this page.
  4. Realize that by rooting the Wileyfox Swift, you are choosing to void the warranty. You will find the warranty is no longer working after you unlock the bootloader and install a custom recovery also. Some OEMs don’t mind you customizing a device with nay of those things, so you might want to inquire and see what they say to you if it means a great deal to you.

Rooting the Wileyfox Swift

  1. Download the SuperSU zip file to the computer.
  2. Connect the Wileyfox Swift smartphone to the computer with the USB cable.
  3. Copy the SuperSU zip file to the root of the SD  card storage.
  4. from the command window you had open from installing the custom recovery, type: fastboot boot .img
  5. The Wileyfox Swift device will now boot up in the custom recovery mode that you installed earlier.
  6. Those who cannot get the command prompt to work can learn how to boot an Android device in the custom recovery mode using the hardware keys.
  7. Tap on the ‘Backup’ option from the main Cyanogen Recovery menu and proceed to take the NANDroid backup.
  8. Tap on the ‘Install’ option from the menu and browse the SD card for the SuperSU zip file you put there earlier.
  9. Follow the on-screen prompts to install that SuperSU file so it is flashed on your device.
  10. Tap on the ‘Reboot System’ option from the main recovery menu.

The Wileyfox Swift is now rooted and you can start installing your root-requiring applications, custom kernels, custom ROMs and take complete backups without adb commands.