The Symphony Xplorer W60 is a sweet new smartphone that’s now popular in India. If you already own the same and would like to extract more out of your device with creating more power, removing unwanted bloatware, creating faster speed and more, you can follow the guide below for unlocking the W60 internal hardware. Doing so will remove any unwanted factory restrictions put in place by the OEM that you want gone.

While it is true a new and fantastic world awaits for your Xplorer, you must go ahead carefully so you don’t make any mistakes because the guide does come with risks. We recommend reading the list of essentials for you to take on your phone before starting the guide so you know everything you need.

Symphony Xplorer W60

Details of Note

  • Make sure you backup the device. You probably won’t lose any data such as the phone contacts by applying the steps. However, you still want to avoid losing data if you have a problem later and need a factory reset. Taking the hard reset is often the easiest way out of trouble and to do that on your phone you will lose the data.
  • There’s a few different ways to back up the smartphone W60 data if you haven’t learnt that already. Your OEM should have a built-in backup options for storing much of the data. Furthermore, Google Play has various apps you can use from third-party sources that are just as helpful. We recommend trying out the Helium for Android app.
  • You should turn on the Symphony phone, navigate to Settings > Developer Options and enable the USB Debugging mode. If your Symphony is not showing any Developer Options menu from the Settings, it could need unlocking. To unlock the hidden menu you must tap the build number seven times from the Settings s> About Device > build Number.
  • You are voiding the warranty on the phone after the guide for your Symphony below. Most smartphones have the option for unrooting via apps and other sources. You can use the warranty again once you unroot the same.
  • Moreover, you ought to enable the Unknown Sources option. To do that go to Settings > Security > Device Admin > check the Unknown Sources box so it’s not empty.

Rooting the Symphony Xplorer W60

1. Download the “Framaroot” app file here.

2. Download the app directly to the smartphone so it ends up in the app drawer.

3. Click the Framaroot icon after it’s finished downloading.

4. Select the “Boromir” option from the menu.

5. Wait for the ‘success” message letting you know that SuperSU and the binary is installed.

6. Navigate out of the application and reboot the device.

That’s it! After the Xplorer W60 reboots it will have the root access you want. Now you can install our favorite version of the root checker application from the Google Play store and double-check everything is working. Once done, start with flashing your custom ROMs and downloading other root-only apps.