If you are living in India or other parts of the globe and are rocking the new Symphony Xplorer W70, you might be looking to open up the system internals with root access. Doing so frees the internal hardware away from the restrictions the OEM put in place. As much as we love Symphony for creating the new phone, we don’t want to be stuck within their business schemes and putting up with slower performance because of added bloatware we don’t intend to use.

The steps are surely simple during the W70 guide, but you should still read our list of essentials we’ve put together just after the jump so your phone has everything it needs before starting.

Symphony Xplorer W70

Details of Note

  • There are two different modes on your Xplorer phone you must enable before starting. The first is the Unknown Sources option. Do that by navigating to Settings > Security > Device Admin > mark the box for Unknown Sources so that it’s not empty.
  • Secondly, you must point to Settings > About Device > Developer Options > and enable the USB Debugging Mode option. Now you are free to connect to the computer properly!
  • Some Xplorer’s won’t have the Developer Options menu available because it is hidden. You can unlock that by pointing to Settings > About Device > Build Number and tap on the number seven times.
  • Furthermore, you should check out what the Symphony OEM has in place for backing up the data. You don’t lose the data automatically after the steps, so it’s only to be safe.
  • Some people will want to apply a factory reset or a hard reset if something goes wrong and they get stuck with the W70 in a boot-loop, or any number of the other problems that might happen. If you do apply a factory reset you will lose the data. That’s why it’s best to back up.
  • There are many third-party applications by developers for backing up available from the Google Play Store. Use some of those apps to help if you don’t like the built-in backup option provided by the OEM.
  • You do lose any warranty you bought for the Xplorer W70. You can get that back again by unrooting the device later. Unrooting will shift the flash counter back to zero where it started and the factory will not detect your earlier work.

Rooting the Symphony Xplorer W70

  1. Download the Framaroot 1.9.3 app from here.
  2. Install the application directly to the smartphone.
  3. Wait until it finishes downloading and navigate over to the app drawer.
  4. Look for the Framaroot app in the app drawer and tap to open.
  5. Search down the list for the “Boromir” option and tap.
  6. Now wait until a message appears on the screen letting you know that it’s successful.
  7. Lastly, you must reboot the device so it resets for the root access to work.

Now you are ready to check our favorite root checker application from the Google Play Store and see if it’s working. From there you are safe to start flashing a custom ROM or head back to the Play Store where you can install new apps that weren’t available to you before.